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LMX2 650

LMX2 650

Machining and cutting line consisting of multispindle, machining and cutting unit with 5 controlled axes and cutting unit with Ø 650 blade. Bar passage 300x300 mm

The processing unit tooled up with max 18 electrospindles and the cutting unit with infinite 360° blade rotation produce a continuous flow of processed and cut to measure elements. Equipped as standard with the additional FU 500 machining unit, which offers the flexibility of the 5 controlled axes to carry out any type of machining operation (milling, end machining, tapping, pyramid cuts with front blade advance). The vice surfaces are equipped with blowers to clean away any chips. The high visibility cabin and the presence of the luminous FOM logo indicating the machine status are a feature of the system’s futuristic design. 6 different variants are available, which can be configured in terms of length of material loading/unloading magazines and right or left material feed direction.

Integrated software

FSTLine4 is the management software for Fom Industrie cutting lines and cutting and machining lines. FSTLine allows users to complete all phases of machine programming using a single application, from programming of machining operations through to work list management.
FSTLINE 4.0 is integrated with LOLA.

Find out how the machine works

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We can configure your model using CARL and project it using enhanced reality mode!

It is also possible to position 1:1 scale models of FOM machines directly in your workshop, for an all-round experience!