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   LOLA - Fom Industrie


The digital platform at the service of productivity

The digital platform at the service of productivity

Log On Live Automation

LOLA makes it possible to access information produced by the machine tool in an intuitive, simple and functional manner from a PC or mobile device.


The LOLA service monitors machine performance and the state of wear in components, suggesting maintenance activities aimed at minimising machine stoppage and reducing any inefficiency.


Access the LOLA dashboard to quickly check:

  • machine status
  • machining statistics
  • diagnostics for key machine components
  • push notifications for periodic and predictive maintenance events

LOLA, your partner in digital factory management

It is possible to connect all Industry 4.0 ready machines to LOLA simply and start taking advantage of the service immediately, as well as having easy access to all the information needed to boost the productivity and efficiency of your FOM Industrie machines.

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