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Front blade sawing machine

Two-head sawing machine with motor driven movement of the mobile head and electronically controlled head tilting. According to the version, tungsten carbine blades Ø 650 mm, 600 mm, 550 mm or 500 mm. 2 length versions are available.

Integrated software

FSTCut4 is the management software for Fom Industrie double-head sawing machines. FSTCUT4 allows users to make the best possible use of the machine’s touch-screen monitor to manage all the operations the sawing machine can carry out. A simple, intuitive interface guides users through the programming of cuts and the execution of cutting lists, including those received from the office.

Discover how the machine works

Configure your workshop with CARL

CARL is the original Fom Industrie app to design customised workshops based both on your production needs and your available space!
We can configure your model using CARL and project it using enhanced reality mode!

It is also possible to position 1:1 scale models of FOM machines directly in your workshop, for an all-round experience!