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   ÉQUIPBAIE-MÉTALEXPO September 2021 - Fom Industrie



We look forward to seeing you from 21 to 24 September at ÉQUIPBAIE-MÉTALEXPO. This edition will centre around the question of digitalisation with the chance to meet protagonists in the digital transition taking place in the building and construction sector. Fom Group will be attending ÉQUIPBAIE-MÉTALEXPO(Hall 1 – Stand C59 – B44) with a broad selection of products for the door and window manufacturing sector (aluminium and PVC) and for aluminium cutting and machining.


FMC serie 3 four controlled axis machining centre capable of machining aluminium profiles of 180x270mm. The centre on show is equipped with the exclusive X PAL system (LED Positioning Assistant). This is a multi-function LED bar that assists the operator to load the bars and allows the progress of machining operations to be checked at a glance. – PATENT PENDING

FMC serie 1 three controlled axis machining centre with pneumatic rotation of the work table to 0°/90°/180° BLITZ 60 E two-headed sawing machine with motorised movement of the mobile head and electronic control of head tilting

BLITZ ALVA 550 two-headed sawing machine with motorised movement of the mobile head and electro-pneumatic control of head tilting

PORTIQUE machine for lifting and movement in the workshop

PORTIQUE Four head PVC welding machine (Graf Synergy) A selection of punching machines and the Comall logistic line will also be on show INDUSTRY 4.0

LOLA (Log On Live Automation) the web app developed by Fom Industrie for Industry 4.0. The cloud based platform created can be viewed using a PC or mobile device.

LOLA can be used to monitor:

– machine status

– machining statistics

– state of machine components

– periodic and predictive maintenance

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