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The work is here! An innovative school-industry project starts in Valconca.




   The work is here! An innovative school-industry project starts in Valconca. - Fom Industrie

The work is here! An innovative school-industry project starts in Valconca.


The work is here! An innovative school-industry project starts in Valconca.

Three of our area’s leading companies ready to welcome up to 40 young people.

Employment can be a problem not just for those seeking work, but for those offering it too!

Unemployment remains high among young people but many companies have trouble finding the right people locally.

With this in mind, three leading Valconca businesses have come together and agreed to send a clear message to local youngsters. The idea is to raise students’ awareness and attract them to local manufacturing by offering a unique opportunity for personal and professional development.

The project’s professional training, selection and guidance programme is aimed at 4th and 5th year high school students.

Under the scheme, local schools, especially technical and industrial schools, will provide a crucial channel for getting young people involved.

Students will be paired with “tutors” inside the companies and will be given access to the latest, technologically advanced machinery, including simulators, CAD/CAM systems and displays.

The promoters

The project was first proposed by three Businessmen (with a capital “B”) from the Cattolica-San Giovanni in Marignano area. The three are:

  • Alessandro Pettinari of FOM INDUSTRIE Srl
  • Gianluca Marchetti of MT MARCHETTI Srl
  • Pietro Donati of UNIVERSAL PACK Srl

These companies employ a total of around 500 people and are expanding constantly thanks to positions of sector leadership. As a result, all three are on the lookout for professional profiles that are not easy to find on the local labour market.

FOM Industrie was formed in 1972 and produces high-tech machine tools for cutting and processing aluminium profiles.

MT MARCHETTI was also formed in 1972 and specialises in the production of static and motor-driven tool-holders for lathes.

UNIVERSAL PACK was formed in 1965 and produces automatic packaging machines, especially for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The schools

The companies concerned have maintained links with local technical schools for a number of years, but in this particularly ambitious project, they work closely with three of the top schools in the local area:

the “Belluzzi-Da Vinci” ITTS school in Rimini

Head: Sabina Fortunati

Teachers: Stefano Drudi and Annalisa Roselli

the “P. Gobetti-De Gasperi” ISISS school in Morciano

Head: Daniela Massimiliani

Teachers: Francesco De Nunzio and Sergio Gatta

the “E. Mattei” ITIS school in Urbino

Head: Silvia Gelardi

Teachers: Fabrizio Diamantini, Paolo Goffi, Fabrizio Bellocchi and Nicola Benedetti

The project

The project covers technical drawing, testing, materials, industrial systems, hydraulics and electronics.

In brief, under the scheme, the schools nominate up to 40 students for work experience inside the three companies.

Students attend practical lessons twice a week for 2 hours, from 17:00 to 19:00.

The period from October to December is dedicated to fifth-year students while the period from January to April is set aside for fourth year students.

The aim is to help the youngsters to fully understand the theory they learn at school and to complement it with important practical notions that can only be acquired by working in industry.


Selection criteria are rigorous and based entirely on merit.

Students have to attend every lesson and are required to hand in assignments every month to assess their levels of learning.

Grants will also be made available to deserving and promising students to assist with the cost of university enrolment.

“Why we believe in this project”

“FOM INDUSTRIE is a global company but our growth strategies are firmly based on the unique characteristics of the area where we have our roots. Because of this, we were quick to see the worth of a school-industry project that could promote local talent, develop competences of real value to us and offer students a practical, merit-based opportunity to further their professional careers.

Alessandro Pettinari

“The aim of this initiative is to help youngsters fully understand the theory they learn at school, and to consolidate it through real work experience in a modern company.

We are not here to teach scientific subjects, but to provide essential technical experience.

We are convinced that once the young people in this project gain their diplomas, they will be better placed to join the labour market or will have a clearer practical understanding if they want to go on to university.”

Gianluca Marchetti

“Today’s market is demanding greater flexibility and adaptability from industry. Technology, machines, materials and regulations are changing all the time. The education system is not always able to adapt to new input as quickly as it should, and this makes it hard for companies like us to find the technical specialists we need. Our aim here is to put young people into contact with working professionals in a realistic industrial context.”

Pietro Donati

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