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FOM FRANCE: a success story




   FOM FRANCE: a success story - Fom Industrie

FOM FRANCE: a success story

FOM France

FOM FRANCE: a success story

Elgemo was founded in 1990 by Franck Olivera and Sauveur Rosato based in the Principality of Monaco. Both partners have experience in the growing market of aluminum frames and animated by ambition and entrepreneurial spirit they decide to throw themselves into this adventure.

They know that in France there is not yet a company able to follow the end customer in the purchase of machinery and in the planning of workshops and they are determined to fill this void.


The pre-existing commercial collaboration relationship makes Fom Industrie the ideal machinery manufacturer with which to interface.

Fom Industrie is already a solid reality, an important brand in the market and a manufacturer of machine tools that has already been able to introduce innovative and quality products. Elgemo becomes the official importer of Fom Industrie in France.

Thus was born the commercial brand Fom France.


Franck Olivera and Sauveur Rosato create a team of dynamic and capable professionals. In this first period, Sauveur Rosato took care of the commercial part while Franck Olivera took care of the financial administrative part and the coordination of the technicians.

It is immediately clear that rapid and effective technical assistance on French territory can represent a further competitive advantage over competitors.


Elgemo thus stands as both a commercial and technical point of reference on the French market.


In 2012, Sauveur Rosato retires from the business world and Franck Olivera becomes general manager of Elgemo, at the head of a young and close-knit team, and immediately appoints Gilles Le Bagousse as sales manager.


The growth of Elgemo is constant, from an office with two technicians and two salesmen, between 1990 and 2000, it passed to 10 technicians and 7 salesmen spread over the territory. Today the company employs 35 people.


Over the years Elgemo has been able to create a capillary commercial structure in France.

Over the years, Fom Industrie expands its product range by also acquiring shares in complementary companies and naturally Elgemo acquires skills. Today Elgemo is not only able to guide its customers in the purchase of machine tools and systems for processing aluminum profiles but also of machine tools for PVC windows and integrated software solutions.


2020 marks an important anniversary for Elgemo and celebrations were planned during the events in the sector, due to the Covid-19 emergency these programs have been dutifully revised. But Franck Olivera is keen to clarify:


“I am proud of the constant progress we have had in recent years, which has allowed us to become the leader in the French market, even if the health situation makes it impossible to organize events for the celebration of this important anniversary, I thank my loyal collaborators for the work they carry out every day as well as our customers who have confirmed their trust over the years and with whom a relationship of mutual respect has been established. The complicated period we are going through can only strengthen our motivation to do even better over the years. come and accept new challenges “.


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