The production program is aimed at two main markets:
1) Traditional Doors and Windows sector
2) Industrial sector in which FOM INDUSTRIE is today recognised as a partner in the development of dedicated solutions.

In particular, the Doors and Windows Market includes all those projects linked to the Building/Construction sector involving the design and production of doors and windows in aluminium and PVC, or both, that for FOM represent the historic sector in which it has accumulated vast experience and success. The market defined as “Industrial” instead includes numerous sectors that make use of profiles in aluminium and lightweight alloys. The sectors in which the company has gained extensive experience over recent years include AUTOMOTIVE, maritime, railway, motorcycles, heavy transport, etc.; MECHANICAL CONTRUCTIONS and Machine Tools, FURNITURE-FURNISHINGS, technical lighting, furnishing accessories and sub-supplies; SIGNAGE and URBAN FURNISHING; SPORTS FACILITIES and equipment.

Examples of FOM machine and system can be seen in applications such as: Doors and Windows - Building (Production of Aluminium, PVC frames, Doors and Windows, Double Windows, Continuous Façades, Verandas, Venetian Blinds, Grilles, Railings, Fencing and Gates, Shutters and Blinds, Mosquito Screens, Sun blinds and covers in general) Automotive: Radiators, Pipe Cutting, Conditioning systems, motor parts, Internal components, blind winders, Van bodies, Side panels for lorries and trailers, parts for wagons and caravans, bicycles... Maritime: Components for Ships and boats, masts for sailing boats, etc. Construction of Machine Tools - production of machine parts and components Furniture-Furnishings: Production of doors for kitchens and cupboards in general, shower cubicles, parts for seats and tables, technical lighting. Urban furnishings and road signage.