The construction Industry is the sector that absorbs most of the PVC production (approx. 53 % ). The popularity and continual development of this material in the construction sector is due to the performance that PVC is able to offer: resistance, cheapness, durability, recyclability and flexibility. This enormous versatility has found various applications: Frames: in Italy PVC door and window frames account for roughly 15% of the market while in other countries this figure can be up to 50%, especially in the North (Germany, Austria, UK). The ability to insulate the inside of the house from the cold, rain, damp and wind means heat can be retained for longer and in addition in towns doors and windows can also act against noise pollution, by insulating against sound. Furthermore this material is very durable, requires no maintenance and is easily recycled. Guaranteed durability for PVC frames also in difficult climatic conditions is from 15 to 20 years. Rigid pipes and connections: PVC is the material that has been used for a long time now in the making of pipes and connections for carrying water, whether for drinking, waste or irrigation. The main advantages offered by this plastic are its long working life (over 50 years) and considerable resistance. Floors: PVC floorings are widely used especially in public buildings, taking up around 60% of the production. PVC coverings are in fact particularly suitable in places where there are specific requirements for cleanliness, antistatic properties, resistance to wear and concentrated loads, easy maintenance and safety in terms of reaction to fire and to the release of substances into the environment. These floorings are scratch resistant, non slip, sound absorbent and heat insulating. Because of these characteristics many health institutions (hospitals, nursing homes., etc.), schools and pharmaceutical factories opt for hardwearing PVC floors. The same properties are also found in wall coverings, an industry in considerable expansion. Moreover the esthetic aspect has not been overlooked and makers offer a wide variety of colours, not just plain but also with decorations and special designs such as marble and granite effects. Furniture and design: PVC is an extremely versatile material which lends itself to interpreting new creative and functional solutions proposed in design and furnishing. Its ease of processing, functional characteristics, together with its esthetic value explain the success of PVC, a material used very much in the most varied ornament design in furnishing and fashion. Hygiene and easy cleaning add further reasons for choosing this form of plastic.