BLITZ 60L/55/50

Double head sawing machine with motorized movement of the mobile head and electronic control of the head tilting

Available in 5 and 6,6 meters versions

Standard accessories:

  • N° 2 tungsten carbide saw blades Ø 500 (Blitz 50) Ø 550 (Blitz 55) Ø 600 (Blitz 60L) mm according to machine model

  • Cutting area guard kit

  • Movable head roller table (2,5 m)

  • N° 4 horizontal vices

  • N° 2 vertical vices inside blade

  • Microdrop cutting lubrication using pure oil

  • Set-up for the installation of a chips and fumes extraction system

  • FSTCut software licence

  • USB port for data input from external software

  • Set-up for Ethernet connection